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Building Community

Updated: Jul 4

Hey Y'all, S. F. Rogers here!

I'm hopping on to talk about building a community! Us four are extremely blessed to have each other. We have this built in sounding board all the time. That's what we want to build for you! Community is one of the things, personally, that has helped me to get my first draft finished. We all know that imposter syndrome is HUGE in the author community, and there are so many "rules" that people will tell you that you have to follow, that it can be overwhelming! Don't let the rules and red tape stop you. I am here to tell you that if you are self publishing like we all did, then you don't have to answer to all that red tape. Rules are made to be broken anyway! If you need people to push you, or scream your name from the rooftops, then you have found the place for you. A place that is supportive and hopefully helps you answer the inevitable questions that come from being an indie author. Follow all of us on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Discord. D. L. and I have the podcast giving out our own doses of advice, follow us there. Buy each others book and ours, and show support for each other. I have always looked at life like this, if I make it to the ledge, then I am going to turn around and help the next person up. We are glad you are here. Thanks for swinging by and know that community is here for you!

S. F. Rogers

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