C. Britt

Monstra Inter

The living, the dead, and the monsters in between.

One day, humanity is hurled into chaos as zombies appear throughout the world. These new monsters will chase for miles; they'll stalk and hide in ambush; they don't eat or drink; their singular goal is to spread the infection to everyone–and everything–in their path. The few people who make it through the initial wave struggle to survive in this horrifying new reality. Will anyone learn to live in this new world? Or will this be the end of humankind?

The story follows several different characters in their fight for survival as these cunning and quick new monsters take over the world. Abigail tries to find her family. Nathaniel seeks shelter. Charlie stands her ground and refuses to leave her farm. Evie and Eric face challenges they'd never dreamed of. Brad and his father head west, as far from civilization as they can get. Paths cross and intertwine.

Who will make it out alive? Who won't? And who will end up as the monsters in between?

Content warning: Violence; gore; implied physical and emotional abuse 


Monstra Inter is a science fiction horror novel about the zombie apocalypse.

This zombie apocalypse novel is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook on multiple sites. See the following link for purchase options on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and more:  https://books2read.com/MonstraInter

Signed copies of this book are available here:  cbrdpublishing.square.site or https://cbrittbooks.etsy.com/



The Chromaveiled

Melzia stood at the well with her red hood resting against her back. As she stood there staring into the sparkling waters below, she clutched a coin in hand and formed a wish in her mind. More than anything else, she hoped to start a new life somewhere far away from the control of Queen. Somewhere that fairy tales were simply make-believe, magic didn’t exist, and dragons weren’t real.

Finally, Melzia stepped through the portal to Earth. She shifted the hood, setting loose the magic that would make the red fabric of her hood disappear. Over the next eight years, she tried to forget about magic, her past on Fenglauria, and her life as a Crimson chromaveiled. She fell in love with Luke and together they built a simple life together. But everyday, the cursed mark on her wrist ached and burned with its ever-present reminder:  Queen was still hunting for her.

When two cloaked figures—an Azure and a Verdant—suddenly stride into her calm life, she knows her past has caught up with her. Now, in order to keep Luke safe, Melzia has to drag him across a world he knows nothing about all while evading capture, avoiding pixies, outwitting witches, and fighting wyverns.  The time has come for her to find out if her powers are strong enough to rescue Luke… And save herself.


Content warning: Violence, gore, death. Romance scenes are not explicit and are fade-to-black style. 


C. Britt 

Fantasy and Science Fiction Author 

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