Runaway Daydreams

The Runaway Daydreams Authors:  J.C Brice, S. F. Rogers, D. L. Golden, and C. Britt

Paranormal Fantasy Author 

Hey hey! Im J.C Brice and the author of The Architecture of Anarchy which is a fantasy story that details a prophecy of the end of the vampire race. Writing for me is a hobby of mine that I like to do during my free time away from my full time career which is medicine. If you can’t find me in a hidey hole writing, you can find me listening to rock music from the 60s to present.  

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Fantasy and Science Fiction Author  

D.L. Golden is educator, father and husband. (not in that order) in midwest of the United States. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, watching and reading anime and manga. He's love fiction stories his whole life, and the stories he writes now are heavily inspired by the anime, manga, and video games of his youth. 

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Fantasy and Science Fiction Author 

C. Britt lives in the midwestern United States with her husband, cat, and two dogs. She enjoys spending time sewing, photographing nature, playing video games, and (of course) dreaming up fictional worlds to write about. 

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High Fae Romance/ Adventure Author 

S.F. Rogers is just a midwestern girl, living her high adventure dreams by writing the Lilac Cursebreaker Series.  Dog mom, happily married to her husband of 11 Years.  Full time Retail manager, full time daydreamer.  Lover of life and all things adventure.  Hiking, fishing, camping and canoeing are some of her favorite things. If you like a good adventure then she is the author for you!

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