Why "runaway daydreams"? 

Did you ever have a daydream that you just couldn't let go of? Some fantasy land that only you can see? A place you watch in your mind as it grows and snowballs until it's a whole entire world filled with fleshed-out characters having their own hopes and dreams and complete conversations? You haven't? Oh. Well, uh... Yeah, we haven't either... 

How do you know each other? 

We're related. D.L. Golden, S.F. Rogers, and I (C. Britt) are siblings. J.C. Brice is our sister-in-law. 

When did you start writing? 

J.C Brice - My passion for writing blossomed after I developed an addiction to reading fantasy books. As a child, reading was my arch nemesis, but a physician came to my pre-health class and gave one piece of advice to help us prepare for medical school. Read. The adventure for writing followed.

D.L. Golden - I used to write short stories as a child, but as i got older I generally tended to keep them to myself. It wasn't until Covid shut downs in early 2020 that I found myself with enough free time and drive to actually write down a full fledged novel. Thus Origins was born.   

S.F. Rogers -  I started writing years ago in High School but only got brave enough to let people read what I'm writing back in November of 2022.  J.C. released her first book and helped to push me on my way.

C. Britt - I've dreamed up my own stories for as long as I can remember. I only officially started putting them down in writing for other people to see around the middle of 2020.

Which genres do you write? 

J.C Brice - Fantasy and romance. I don't write typical romance. It's more of a sub theme rather than the main theme. 

D.L. Golden - I write what I lovingly refer to as Science Fantasy. It's a definitive blend of Scifi and Fantasy elements. My first novel Orgins is very much in this vein. Magic and science merged together *chef's kiss*

S.F. Rogers - I write fantasy adventure and romance.  I have an idea for a suspense but I need to get through Lilac's story first.  Give me all the monsters, Fae and high fantasy stories!

C. Britt - Mainly fantasy and science fiction, often with an emphasis on dark, creepy, or mysterious themes. Aliens, zombies, monsters, fairies, curses, dark magic, and apocalypses are all fair game. Although, sometimes it can be a nice change of pace to write more lighthearted fantasy and sci fi stories as well.

Was it hard to self-publish? 

D.L. Golden - The short answer is no. The long and more accurate answer is kind of. Self-publishing is in and of itself sort of complicated because you're in charge of all the steps a traditional publisher would normally be in charge of. You have to figure out editing, cover art, book interior work, and, ultimately, marketing. While these steps can be a process the actually steps for publishing the novel are not difficult. You write the story fill out the required info on KDP or Ingramspark, press publish, and after the review process it's good to go. The real challenge is making the book look presentable and marketable.  If I had any advice here it's pay for a good cover, find a good editor and familiarize yourself with the steps required to maintain a social media presence for marketing purposes. If you can do all of that, self publishing isn't too difficult and you get control of what you put out! 

Do you have a podcast? 

S.F. Rogers and D.L. Golden have a podcast called The Author's Chaos. They spend time talking about the ins and outs of writing and publishing. They also conduct interviews of independent authors.

Other websites we recommend checking out: 

MyIndieBookshelf.com - Are you looking for more books by independently or self-published authors? You should check out this site. It's completely free and lists hundreds of books by various authors in all kinds of genres. If you're a writer yourself, it has lots of free resources for you as well. You can list your own books for free, connect with ARC readers, search for cover artists, and more! (Big shoutout to Christian Francis for making and maintaining such an awesome website! Go follow him on Goodreads or find him on TikTok.)

Alex-Perkins.co.uk - If you're looking for a cover designer, go check out Alex's website. He designed covers for D.L. Golden's Origins, J. C Brice's The Architecture of Anarchy, C. Britt's Monstra Inter, S.F. Rogers' Execration of Autumn and lots more!

cbrdpublishing.com - For more information about C. Britt or Monstra Inter, check out cbrdpublishing.com!