D.L. Golden


The Dreamcatcher Series. Book One

An unfamiliar world where literary works have taken on the guise of powerful spell books known as tomes. This is the world in which Sai, a seventeen-year-old boy, awakens with no memory of where he is or how he got here.

When he gains the power of the tome known as “Origins,” he finds himself on a collision course with the very answers he seeks. With no guidance from the mysterious forces who have placed him here, Sai stumbles into a path of death and destruction as he puts himself between a madman wielding a mysterious book known as “Inferno” and operatives from the Orwellian security force known as The Citadel.

Origins is a fantastical ride through a world which exists somewhere between dreams and reality, following a boy whose only ties to the realm are those whom he wishes to protect.

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D.L. Golden 

Science Fantasy Author

While I've always loved stories, reading traditional novels used to be a major struggle of mine. I found it far more enthralling to read comics and manga than novels. It took a long time for me to reclaim my love of reading, but I've always loved to tell stories and that's all I'm trying to do, tell a good story.

D.L. Golden