J.C Brice

The Architecture of Anarchy  

Prophecy of Solon 

Two families at war for generations. A Prophecy both sides reject. A betrayal so brutal, it changes the course of history!

Amelia is oblivious to her true identity. A witch with powers that have not been witnessed in generations. Amelia's parents placed her among mortals to hide her true identity until she was capable of wielding her magic. Before she is brought back into her rightful place with the Triad, her parents are murdered, and a secret kept by two families comes to light.

Adonis learns the truth of his and Amelia's fate before she is able to adjust to her new life as a witch. Unsure of how to explain the prophecy to Amelia, Adonis focuses on helping Amelia acclimate to her new role within the Triad. It isn't until an unforeseen enemy tries to kill Amelia that Adonis reveals the truth. But, when Adonis uncovers the identity of the enemy, he is forced to choose between someone he loves and the love of his life, Amelia.

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The Court of Shadows and Innuendo  

The Court of Shadows and Innuendo follows the life of Piper—the only princess of Emery. Piper was tasked as a young child to endure brutal training in hopes of breaking the Treaty of Cerise one day, freeing her people from the Atonement that forces her parents to hand over fifteen sacrificial humans every twenty years. In exchange, the Kingdom of Emery is granted protection from the beasts that lurk on their borders.

But when Piper arrives at the immortal city of Kru, she discovers that the true meaning of the Treaty of Cerise is far more sinister than she imagined. And as she delves deeper into the shadowy world of immortals, Piper is stricken by betrayal, death, and the realization that the Shadow King and his people may not be the monsters she thought them to be.

As Piper struggles to navigate the treacherous political landscape of Kru, she is forced to confront her own beliefs and alliances. With the fate of her people hanging in the balance, Piper must decide whether to follow her heart or her duty and whether the cost of her choices is worth the price she will pay.

The Court of Shadows and Innuendo is a rollercoaster of emotions. Every page will have you turning to the next. Your portal to the Shadow Kingdom awaits. 

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J.C Brice 

Paranormal Fantasy Author 

Hello, readers!

My name is J. C Brice. I’m a mother, wife, and aspiring physician. As you read my stories, pieces of my life are integrated into the characters, and the events that happen within the books. My first book is set to release September 2022.

I didn’t develop a passion for writing until my passion for reading blossomed into an everyday occurrence. I can spend a vast amount of my time solely reading, time permitting. My love for reading started with my love for learning. As a PreMed student, I tend to spend a majority of my time with my nose in a book. It started with my biology, chemistry and physics books, and as I started to prepare for my MCAT, my reading developed into a broad range of books.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed writing, and join Amelia and Adonis on their adventure to finding love and weaving through a mystery unknown. Follow my author's page on Facebook, J.C Brice, for first time sneak peek of content from my books.

With dopamine, Brice! 💜