S.F. Rogers

Execration of Autumn

Lilac Cursebreaker Book 1

Cora and Jim were living their perfect happily ever after until a wolf shows up at their back fence one day.  Finding out she has been married to a Fae and that the mysterious Deity who guides the Autumn Court has chosen her as his curse breaker throws Cora into a world she never expected.  A human thrust into the Viking world of the Autumn Court with High Fae, Shape Shifters, and Deities, she must decide if her life is going to be led by what the people around her dictate, or if she is going to step into the role that she was chosen for and save the Autumn Court.

Coming April 2024


S.F. Rogers

High Fae Romance/ Adventure Author 

Hey Y'all,

I am so excited to share Lilac Cursebreaker's story with you!  Thank you for joining me as we unravel what's really going on with the High Fae courts that control the seasons.  I'm married to my own personal Jim, and am living out my own adventure with him and our three dogs.  Just a midwestern girl, writing fantasy and living life.

S. F. Rogers